29 mayo 2013

Non-XS beauty around the world 1

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Welcome! to a new section of my blog!

As u know gyaru style is increasing per day around the world but as u know too, gaijin gyaru are usually slim, in other words, Japanese size gals. This isn't bad! but is true that is more hard for girls with other sizes and I usually heard "I can't be gyaru if I have this body".

For this reason I'm going to interview gals who wear from medium-large to plus sizes.
Please Enjoy!

This beautyful gal is going to be our first interviewee!
You can find more about her in her blog

Basic Profile:
  • Name: Marika (aka Rousuke )
  • Age: 22
  • City: Vaasa (Finland)
  • Gal since: 2011

Beam: You said you're gyaru since 2011. What happens with your family and friends? Anything Changed?
Marika: Nothing my mother actually liked me starting to look more like a girl than a boy. I have been more boyish for years. Having jrock kind of hair and makeup and wearing boyish clothing . Both of my big sisters like too, tho other one thinks that circle lenses are creepy but the oldest one loves my style. My big brother thinks I'm creepy but he still loves me as his sister haha XD
Beam: hahaha! My mum said the same
Marika: but my mom has liked my boyish style too she never have been embarrashed walking with me XD haha she is really proud of me as the way I am. Being myself 

Beam: What was the biggest difficulty you found in this style?
Marika: The most difficult thing is to be bigger size. Not because only of clothing but just to when you want to BE gyaru. You get alot of hatred when you arent small and thin. Also if you have something that someone with more fame has you are automaticly copycat.

Also it is really hard to find a way to look like a gyaru when finding clothing is so hard. Like if I get some outfit stuck in my head but can't find anything to fit me in asian size haha. That is the why I mostly buy my clothing from Finland or make them DIY. I have found some clothing from eBay too and luckily they aint that small.

Beam: Your outfits are amazing and fashionable How would you describe and what are your "must have"?
Marika: Well my "must have" are circle lenses, fake lashes and a long hair. I'm dying to get hair extensions because wigs are so deadly hot in the summer! One almost must have is nails, but I don't always have these long fake ones, but I have nailpolish often

Beam: Nowadays wigs are usual for the style Where do you buy? What do you look for a wig?
Marika: I buy my wigs from eBay. I look for wigs that are from asia, mostly made of kanekalon. Also I want my wigs to have alot of fiber and the guality must be really good. Mostly I want a wig that has pretty curls on them 

Beam: Before u teel me that you bought clothes on local stores How u select? You read scans for  some magazine?
Marika: Yes I read scans of egg magazine and I own some too, and I find inspiration from them or internet and mostly I just choose the clothing I happen to like.

Beam: Another thing you think you have the same posibilities than other tiny gals?
Marika: Yes I think so, only that I can't wear japanese brand clothing but otherwise yes. for me gyaru is being what you are and what you like, to be different and radical, it's not about size and I want to be inspiration for other bigger girls who want to be gyaru. Everyone can do it, if they just want to.

Beam: I really enjoy to interview you but all good things are short. Before we said goodbay Any advice for new (and old) girls in the style?

Marika: DON'T GIVE UP!!  

Everyone can do this style when they just put some time into it. Don't let anyone get you down because they are not worth it jsut enjoy and be pretty with a twist 

I hope u enjoyed my little experiment please leave me a comment and don't forget to visit the fanpage of this wonderfull girl 

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  1. Thank you for having this interview!! ♥

  2. This is such a inspiration for all the gals out there :D ! <3

    1. I think so. When I started with the style y wished to find gals like me.
      I hope this inspired more girls ^w^

  3. *OO* Me ha gustado mucho! Sigue así preciosa <3

    1. Muchas gracias cariño! tu apoyo me hace falta ;W;

  4. Thank you for this interview! Maybe I can be a little confident about being Gyaru even though I'm not at my ideal size yet! :)


    1. No, thanks u ! This post are written for people like u ^W^

  5. me parece muy buena esta iniciativa.

    1. Muchas gracias! y gracias por tu apoyo continuo ^^

  6. Cool project! I loved it! Thx!
    Congratz 2 Marika too! She is amazing! :)

  7. Esa muchacha es preciosa! *_* Que cara más dulce!

  8. I really enjoyed this one ! Great article!
    We don't see much beautiful round gyarus! I fell less alone! xD

  9. Thank you so much for this interview! I'm not that small as asians so seeing a bigger sized gall rocking the style makes me so happy! You're a real inspiration to me!

    1. oh... that's so... aaaaw!! >w< thanks! Is the sweetest thing that anyone say me ^W^

  10. great interview! very inspiring for those who feel they can't do the style

    1. I think so, Truthly I save the photos i nmy pc :3